Articles by Humility Javier

Consent in the New Age

We are not called a woke generation for nothing. We have risen and shone as a collective to address long known societal issues that our predecessors have failed or ignored to do so.

CollegianAUX: Bike Sharing is Caring

If you have gone around UP Diliman, you could not have missed at least one of the 40 identical bicycles parked in campus. All painted in red, relatively new, and marked with a popping white imprint that is hard to miss: the logo of UP Bike Share, the University’s first and only bike sharing organization.

State of the Union: Strike ongoing

The news read “Strike ongoing.” You are almost unsurprised and unbothered, as most readers are. It is the Philippines, after all. Days like this come and go. For you, as for most of us, the day’s going to be the routine you stick with. But for the laborer on strike, no question, it’s a day of battle—and possibly, much hopefully, of victory—against the injustices in the workplace.

Learn to take a joke

It has not been long since our President joked about rape. He said “for as long as there are many beautiful women, there are plenty of rape cases as well." That did not make me laugh. It has not been long since a female vlogger cried in an Albanian TV show when the host tried to convince her that objectifying women is funny. That did not make me laugh too. It also has not been long since a guy I went on a date with, commented on my job and said that women who get promoted must be good in sucking dick, literally. That still did not make me laugh. In fact, I glared at him. My reaction somehow elicited the five magic words that I am so used to hearing by now: learn to take a joke.

Opisyal na lingguhang pahayagan ng mga mag-aaral ng Unibersidad ng Pilipinas-Diliman