When #MeToo fails a victim

March 4, 2019

In November 2015, the porn industry was shaken when one of its high-profile performers revealed a rape allegation in a now deleted series of tweets. Stoya had resorted to Twitter to share how her then on-screen and real-life partner, James Deen, paid no heed to her boundaries despite her attempts to stop him even with the use of their safe word.

When #MeToo fails a victim

In November 2015, the porn industry was shaken when one of its high-profile performers revealed a rape allegation in a now deleted series of tweets. Stoya had resorted to Twitter to share how her then…

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Consent in the New Age

We are not called a woke generation for nothing. We have risen and shone as a collective to address long known societal issues that our predecessors have failed or ignored to do so.

UP CIRCUIT: Iwas sa E-waste

Mabilis magbago ang panahon, ganoon na rin ang modelo o unit ng iyong smartphone -- maya’t maya ay nag-a-update sa bago at mas mabuting anyo o bersyon. Masasabi na sa tulin ng ebolusyon ng teknolohiya ngayon mabilis naluluma ang mga gamit, ang bunga: basura. E-waste ang tawag dito, basurang likha ng mga kagamitang elektronikong naging depektibo at ngayon ay hindi na maaaring isalba o yaong sadyang napagsawaan lamang. Tila balat ng kendi na hindi na makokonsumo, ayun nga lang, gawa ito sa bakal at may mga kemikal pang halo, na nakasasama pa kung minsan.

Bodies of Choice

Women’s choices suffer the illusion of freedom. In a nation like the Philippines where class and privilege can color any discourse, talking about consent - and agency, and empowerment - in relation to women’s bodies would require admission of harsh realities.

#UsToo: A New Anger

When I was 12, one of my parents’ hired laborers cornered me inside our bodega. He grabbed me from behind and pressed his erection into my back. He groped my breasts and asked, “O ano?” I ran away from him, silent. Am I angry at this man?

Death by discourse: Stop laughing at yourself

Despite the stereotype of the obnoxiously publicized relationship, I find that there are often more single people joking about their singleness on Valentine’s day than there are actual couples posting sickeningly cute selfies. Perhaps it’s just because I have more single friends than taken friends (which would probably say something deep about my subconscious if it were true, though I’m not entirely sure what that would be). It seems more likely to me, though, that singleness is one of those things that is an acceptable target for self deprecation.

Weaponizing abstentions: UP Fair is more popular than the USC Elections.

The lament is familiar and stale, in fact the list is depressing: Too many students don't care. Candidates fielded or endorsed by fraternities are the only candidates really capable of winning. Any regime change heralds spectacular conflict, one that derails necessary continuities rather than enforce checks-and-balances of power.

No hounds left in hell

As though chasing after the truth and reporting on the odious acts of a government weren’t difficult enough, Filipino journalists must now face a new breed of foes: legal monstrosities which clawed out of some absurd invisible cauldron.  

[Part 1 of 2] National patrimony and so much more: The case of South China Sea

More than two years after the Tribunal on the South China Sea Arbitration issued its decision on the conflicting claims of the Philippines and People’s Republic of China (PROC) on the South China Sea (or West Philippine Sea), the dispute heats up once again when Chinese Coast Guards shooed away a team of Filipino television news crew saying that they were in the “sea area of the People’s Republic of China,” and that they had to secure permission from Beijing before they could conduct interviews or any activity in the area. Ironically, this happened despite the Tribunal ruling in favor of the Philippines.

Opisyal na lingguhang pahayagan ng mga mag-aaral ng Unibersidad ng Pilipinas-Diliman