For 96 years, the Philippine Collegian has existed, not as a detached and silent reporter of facts, but as an active participant in the struggle for social change.

We will be no different.

We will expose and oppose this Administration’s problematic policies, but critically engage the good ones. In the end, however, we will not lose sight of the real character of the Duterte administration as a mere appendage of a ruling elite that only looks after its own interest, the people be damned!

We will expose the nature of poverty as both systemic and structural. It is systemic because the prevailing class system will never allow the poor to obtain economic power. It is structural because economic policies such as “TRAIN” and “Build, Build, Build” only intend to benefit those who already have economic power.

We will challenge Charter change as mere cosmetic change. We will expose the proposed federalism framework as a sham that will only benefit those who are entrenched in power.

Fair, accurate, balanced

Our bias notwithstanding, our principal task is to guide the students, as our publishers and primary readers, to take a stand by reporting the truth, or at least the closest version of it. Thus, our bias will be balanced with the fair and accurate reporting of the news. While the writer will ultimately take a side, he or she must always give the other side a fair shake, and an opportunity to respond.

This endeavor will entail extensive research and legwork on the part of our correspondents and writers; to be edited with an eye for detail on the part of our editors, to make sure that our coverage will be fair, accurate, and balanced.

Investment in digital media

Further, innovations in technology and evolving media consumption behavior of our readers demand a massive rethinking on content production and distribution. Weekly production is no longer enough; the Philippine Collegian should keep up with the demand for up-to-date news without sacrificing accuracy and detail.

Thus, the Philippine Collegian will invest in digital media, not because it wants to ride on a current fad, but because it chooses to be present in the space where its readers are.

To this end, we shall formulate editorial and financial strategies to maximize digital and online platforms to bring the news to our audience. We shall allocate resources in training staff, building platforms, and producing content applicable in the online version.

Readability and relevance

The Philippine Collegian has always been charged to churn out “relevant” topics and “radical” analyses. But in our struggle to be heard, we failed to listen.

This year, we will endeavor for this generation to be heard by others in its own voice. For a long time, the millennial/post-millennial generation has been judged by standards of another generation. This year, the Philippine Collegian will not only shape our readers’ thoughts; we will allow our readers to shape us in equal measure.

The Philippine Collegian will produce neither grim-only pictures of social reality, nor churn out mere fads and passing fancies. We will report the truth, render a fair accounting of unfolding history, give incisive and scathing opinions to disturb the comfortable.

Our challenges

The past several months have been challenging. The unwarranted delay in the final proclamation of the editor-in-chief due to various protests filed against him, the recalcitrance of the previous editorial term to transfer several assets to the new term, and the shortage of funds due to an almost empty coffer unreplenished by the non-collection of student funds, have impeded our capacity to release our first issue on the appointed date.

But despite these roadblocks, we will endeavor to provide you, our publishers and readers, with weekly reportage of the news, and analyses of hot-button issues. We will be true to our mandate to be the critical voice of the students, to speak truth to power, and to challenge the status quo.

We express great respect for the unyielding spirit characteristic of UP, and we are honored to share historical, if not dialectical, space with voices formidable in their will to oppose the visible and invisible tyrants within this fractured country we call home. The days ahead will require all we can muster, every Iskolar ng Bayan we can gather, all hope and pain we can bear.

Your Philippine Collegian welcomes all forms of organized dissent to the fold. The fight is big enough for all of us. ##

3 Comments on "Where do we go from here? Charting the editorial direction for Academic Year 2018-2019"

  1. Jorge C. Sarmiento | September 8, 2018 at 4:01 pm | Reply

    Well said SJ. Keep up the good work !

  2. Priscilla Pamintuan | September 11, 2018 at 9:34 am | Reply

    Someone who in his 40s, who has been a student in UP since the 90s, now declares that he speaks for the millennials/post-millennials. Hmm.

  3. Priscilla Pamintuan | September 11, 2018 at 9:54 am | Reply

    May sinasabi pa tungkol sa digital world at sa mga millennial, tapos sinauang pen ang logo/masthead. Ayuz.


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