About Us

The Philippine Collegian is the official weekly student publication of the University of the Philippines-Diliman.

Dissent and struggle

There is no single Philippine Collegian.

A perusal of the archives, dating back to the paper’s inception in 1922, reveals different versions of the Philippine Collegian, as varied as the waves of editors and writers who passed by its storied walls.

This inter-generational divide, however, is bridged by a common thread: speaking truth to power. Through the years, the Philippine Collegian has challenged the powerful and stung the comfortable with its scathing editorials and articles. Within its pages, ideas and principle were questioned, dissected, and ridiculed.

Our history is replete with struggles against those who dared to silence both the paper and its writers. Then editor-in-chief Homobono Adaza was removed from office for writing an editorial against the administration. Several editors and writers were harassed, if not detained, during the Martial Law years. Some, like Abraham Sarmiento Jr., Enrique Voltaire Garcia III, and Hermon Lagman, made the ultimate sacrifice, and gave their lives for the struggle.

Our history is likewise replete with struggles against those who desired to subject the paper under their control: the fight for editorial control over the paper, and the battle for fiscal freedom and the right to manage its own monies without the administration holding its funding hostage.

Our history is our future. The struggle to fend off those who desire to shackle us, to expose our leaders who dare to oppress the Filipino people, will be a permanent fixture of the Philippine Collegian.

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