When the editors asked me to write a column for this paper, I told them outright that I may not be a perfect fit. After all, I don’t allow myself to be bound by limits of ideology or political correctness.

They said, “Go ahead. Write what you want.”

On your own heads be it, then!


By now, the whole social media universe is made aware of the clusterfuck caused by alleged leaked conversations of some members of Upsilon Sigma Phi, the same fraternity involved in that nonsense brawl with Alpha Phi Beta just last week.

The alleged leaked group chat is so massive, I don’t even know where to begin. It’s disgusting, to say the least. Other people and organizations have accurately and eloquently worded the same indignation I currently feel right now, so I’ll leave it at that.

But what’s equally disgusting about this whole affair is the way political parties capitalize on the crisis to advance their own agenda. So when USC Councilor Ian Serrano “resigned” from his fraternity, his partymates from ALYANSA readily hail him a “hero,” nevermind that he made no accounting of any previous acts, nor questions on his possible complicity to the incident.

STAND-UP has the better claim to the moral high ground. With no Upsilonian within its current ranks, the party and its affiliates have no qualms whatsoever in attacking and destroying Upsilon Sigma Phi. Rightfully so, if I may add.

Among the three political parties, KAISA is the most vulnerable. So to make its bones, KAISA now demands USC Chairperson Yael Toribio’s resignation from his fraternity, with the threat of impeachment if he fails to do so. I’d very much want to see this threat carried out. Let’s see how KAISA will treat its “homegrown” talent if Yael fails to heed the party’s call.

And don’t start me with the other fraternities! While Upsilon Sigma Phi is currently in the eye of the storm, this does not mean that I’m forgetting about other fratboys’ equally abominable practices! The “scoring” system whenever I pass by your tambayans, the wolf whistles and long stares I have to endure whenever I walk pass by groups of fratboys while wearing shorts or skirts. Don’t make the mistake to feign innocence just because your rival fraternity is the one currently taking all the heat!

Some quarters call for the abolition of fraternities to eradicate misogyny and patriachy. My editor disagrees with this call. I disagree with my editor. Abolish fraternities and put a stop to this madness! And while we’re at it, let’s abolish political parties to eradicate opportunism!

Just a thought.


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